Guide for Dental Emergencies

an icon of permanent teeth knocked out

Permanent Teeth Knocked Out

If tooth is knocked out, it can be saved if you act quickly! Locate tooth, pick up by crown, not root. If tooth is dirty rinse with warm water, do not scrub. Attempt to insert tooth in socket and bite gently on gauze. If unable to insert, put tooth in saliva, milk, or saline solution. Proceed to the nearest emergency dental clinic within the hour. 

Cut or Bitten Mouth

If bleeding, apply direct pressure with a clean, damp cloth or gauze. If there is swelling, apply cold compress to the area. If bleeding continues call your dentist or seek immediate medial attention.

an image of a broken tooth

Broken Tooth

Rinse dirt or debris from injured area with clean warm water. Place cold compress over injured area of face. Save any pieces of broken tooth that you can. Contact us asap!

Toothache or Sore Gum

Thoroughly clean around sore area. Swishing with warm salt water and/or try to dislodge trapped food or debris with dental floss. Don’t put aspirin directly on teeth or gums but do take ibuprofen to help ease the pain until you can see us. If swollen, apply a cold compress.

an icon of the baby tooth

Bleeding After Baby Tooth Falls Out

Have child bite down on clean, damp gauze or cloth over the bleeding area for 15 mins. Repeat once if necessary, but if bleeding continues call us.

Possible Broken Jaw

Try to stabilize jaw using a towel or wrap. Get to the nearest emergency room or urgent care center.

Cold Sores/ Canker Sores

Usually over-the-counter remedies bring relief until sores heal. IF sores worsen or persist, contact our office.


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