At MFD our expertly trained team utilizes the most modern equipment and methods available to treat your dental needs. Detecting dental concerns early allows us to treat accurately and provide stunning results with customized restorations. Created by a team who cares, you can be confident that you are receiving the best care with an individualized plan and trusted results.


Comprehensive Exam

This exam is the foundation to our dental relationship. The term comprehensive is used frequently in dentistry, our vision of comprehensive dentistry sets us apart. Click on the video below to learn what comprehensive means in our office.

Dental Cleanings

While we feel no one gets “just a cleaning”, a professional dental cleaning along with home care instructions is the basis for long term stability in everything we do. It is at this appointment where we evaluate current health,  see small concerns and give you options for care to alleviate the issues before they become much more problematic. Overall health is significantly impacted by oral health!

Oral Hygiene Instruction

Nothing is more important to your dental health and stability than how you take care of your teeth at home. Our expertly trained team will not only teach you how to properly care for your mouth, we will also tailor a plan to your specific needs. This will include the latest products and techniques that will be most beneficial for you!

Pediatric Dentistry

Treating children and making their first dental experiences enjoyable is very important to us. We usually see our pediatric patients starting around the age of 3, UNLESS the parents are noticing something of concern prior to that. We like to have the children introduced to the practice by just coming in for a few trips to watch Mom, Dad or their siblings having their teeth cleaned. This allows them to get comfortable with the office environment. When the time is right, we will do an initial exam and fluoride varnish treatment, usually on a parents lap. After this visit, or on subsequent visits we will introduce polishing, flossing and x-rays. My pediatric philosophy is to establish good oral health habits early on in a child’s life. This will continue to help with overall health and be beneficial for a lifetime. In our office we treat what is present conservatively, and discuss options with the parents. Often we see crowns being done on baby teeth when a conservative filling will be healthy and serviceable for many years. Furthermore, our water is no longer fluorinated which means teeth are not developing as strong as they could.  Fluoride supplements are needed between the ages of 6 months and 12 years for children in Montrose County. Please contact us to discuss our pediatric services and schedule your child today.

Digital X-Rays

Our office has invested in digital technology for all required x-rays. This means significantly less radiation (up to 60% less than conventional films) and a much quicker more comfortable x-ray experience. We adhere to ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principles when it comes to dental films. We will tailor our x-ray recommendations to your specific needs and susceptibilities. To learn more about the low levels of radiation associated with dental x-rays, read his article from the National Library of medicine.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer can strike anyone regardless of age, sex or their habits. Every patient in our office gets an oral screening at a minimum of once per year. Beating oral cancer requires early diagnosis and treatment, therefore it is essential that everyone is screened consistently.


Sealants are a protective coating applied to the grooves of the back teeth to prevent decay. In our office, sealants are done using the most modern techniques and materials in a way that provides a much better, more stable result than traditional sealants. We ensure the grooves, pits, and fissures of the tooth are exquisitely clean and that no decay is hiding prior to sealing the tooth. By doing this, and having excellent isolation during the procedure, we can ensure this step in prevention will be truly beneficial. Our experienced team delivers expert results and understands the importance of doing this properly; sealants done with poor isolation end up causing more problems than they prevent.

Night Guards

All night guards are not created equal! While you may see boil and bite type night guards available at the store, these are often more detrimental than they are helpful. They may protect the teeth, but they are very hard on the jaw joint and the muscles of the head and neck. We like to term our guards “protective bite splints”. This is an in-office-fabricated acrylic splint that takes into consideration your specific bite and whether you are better suited for an upper or lower bite splint. Not only does this protect your teeth, it helps relax your joint and muscles providing a much more comfortable appliance.

Athletic Mouth Guards

These guards are specifically for daytime use during activities where trauma to the head, neck or teeth may occur. They are custom made from models of your teeth and tend to be much more comfortable and less cumbersome than store bought varieties. From football to mountain biking and every athletic endeavor in between, these custom-fit guards provide a great level of protection.


Fluoride is an essential part of any good preventative program. Scientific studies have shown over and over the benefits of fluoride. From fluoride that helps teeth develop stronger to applications that actually stop decay that has already started, there are numerous different types of fluoride and different applications. We will tailor which type and amount is right for your oral well being.


A natural sugar that has been shown to help fight decay causing bacteria, xylitol is a yummy way to improve oral health. Xylitol comes in many different forms and can really help slow the decay process. We can help educate you these products and provide the supplies you need to use this product to help you.

Sleep Apnea

For patients that suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, and/or are C-PAP intolerant, we have amazing dental appliance alternatives to help you get the sleep your body requires. Learn more about our sleep appliances at:


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Just what it sounds like, a full mouth reconstruction is like a complete overhaul for the entire dental system. While there are many ways and treatment options that can go into a full mouth rehabilitation, the most important aspect is a comprehensive plan. Our advanced training in this area allows us to thoroughly evaluate and formulate a plan that ensures a successful outcome. Full mouth rehabilitation can be done as quickly as a patient desires or can be staged if time or finances are a concern. The most important thing is that a plan is in place to give the most predictable, stable result.


Often called caps, crowns are a “protective cover” for teeth that have been damaged by decay, large restorations, bite related fractures or trauma. Essentially, when a crown is done, your tooth is prepared to a smaller version of itself and a crown is cemented or bonded over the top of the prepared tooth restoring it to proper form and function. There have been many advances in the dental materials used to make crowns. From tried and true gold to the most esthetic of porcelains, we will discuss with you what will be the most esthetic and functional solution in your specific case.


Dental implants are the most modern solution for a missing tooth. An implant is generally a titanium post that is gently placed in the jaw bone. After this implant integrates (heals) into the bone we restore it with an attachment and crown. Implants can be used in many, many different ways to replace one, multiple, or all missing teeth. They have truly revolutionized dentistry. Implants are far and away the best solution to replacing teeth and are quickly becoming one of the most predictable things done in dentistry.


Fillings are the foundation of good restorative dentistry. When done properly they provide many years of quality service. The advances in filling materials over the last few years allow us to fix many problems much more conservatively than in the past. The vast majority of all fillings placed in our office are bonded tooth-colored restorations that provide an esthetic solution with techniques that significantly reduce sensitivity and post-operative discomfort.

Root Canals

Through additional training and modern technology, when a root canal needs to be done we make it a much more comfortable experience than you’re probably used to hearing about. In essence, root canal therapy is removing the nerve from a tooth, cleaning and shaping the root canal system, and placing a filling material within the roots. Your tooth and roots are still present, but there is no longer a nerve, infection, or inflammation within the tooth. Root canals can provide many years of service from a compromised tooth. However, a tooth that has received a root canal can become very brittle and almost always requires a crown on top of it to ensure stability.


While it is always our goal to save teeth, sometimes teeth need to be removed to improve health or increase the stability of other teeth. Losing a tooth is never enjoyable and can be an emotional experience. We understand that and will always make the process as comfortable as possible. This includes discussing all the options for tooth replacement.

Gum Therapy

Gum disease is a major problem and requires professional care along with exquisite home care in order to stabilize. After a thorough evaluation of the entire foundation a gum therapy plan will be established. Gum therapy usually involves deeper cleanings with anesthetic to thoroughly clean root surfaces below the gum-line and disinfect gum tissues. After gum therapy, more frequent maintenance visits are necessary to keep your foundation healthy and stable.


From conventional dentures to implant-retained hybrid dentures, we use the best, most tested materials to ensure your comfort. The options and designs of full dentures can vary greatly. Whether it is time to transition to full dentures, or if your existing dentures need some attention, we provide a great service.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a removable appliance that can replace one or numerous teeth. Similar to full dentures, there are many different options when it comes to partial dentures. From economical transitional type partials, to those that are designed for long term use, we can help you determine which option is right for you.


A “bridge” is also called a fixed partial denture as it is cemented or bonded in place and replaces one or more missing teeth. Essentially, a bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth by preparing the teeth on either side of the space and cementing or bonding a restoration in place.

“Teeth in a Day”/Hybrid Dentures

“Teeth in a Day” is a marketing ploy used by some companies to describe the type of restoration better known as a hybrid denture. A hybrid denture is a denture that is attached to implants and fixed in place. It is a great restoration for people that need a full denture but do not want an appliance that comes in and out. While it is true that you can get a full arch of teeth in one day, that is usually a healing type appliance and needs to be transitioned to a more stable final appliance after healing takes place. It may better be termed “temporary teeth in a day”! A hybrid denture is a really great restoration that we have provided for many patients. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the steps involved for this fantastic restoration.

Bite Splint Therapy

A bite splint is like an orthotic for your mouth. I tell people that your bite has three components; teeth, muscles and jaw joint. If these three components don’t all agree on where to position the jaw, there is a bite imbalance. Bite imbalance can lead to wear, chipping, fracturing of teeth, headaches, neck-aches, muscle tightness/soreness, and joint popping or clicking. A bite splint is an acrylic guard that helps us decrease symptoms, protect teeth and diagnose proper bite position.  It is an essential component to making sure restorative dentistry is done with a final bite position that is stable and comfortable

TMJ Issues

The TMJ is known as the most complex joint in the body. If you are experiencing jaw joint discomfort or pain, we can help. There are many different factors that affect the health of the joint, and having a thorough exam and diagnosis determines what treatment will best help resolve the issue. We have advanced education and training to help resolve TMJ issues.

Bite Related Pain

Many times, toothaches are directly related to bite issues. Having the understanding of how the teeth, joint and muscles are supposed to work together allows us to better diagnose and resolve pain related to your bite.



Porcelain veneers are facings bonded to the teeth to improve size, shape or color of teeth. These can often be done with minimal to no preparation of the teeth. A cosmetic evaluation is a great first step to determine which aesthetic solution is right for you.


Bonding is the process of using tooth-colored filling material to repair chipped or fractured teeth. It can also be used to provide a drastic cosmetic upgrade without the expense of porcelain veneers or crowns. I have also found bonding to be an incredible service to patients when full mouth rehabilitation is needed, but maybe the expense is too great to complete with all crowns. Bonding can be used as a transitional full mouth reconstruction and the process can be spread out over more time making it more financially feasible.


“Invisible braces” are sets of clear aligners that progressively move your teeth to a better more aesthetic position without the need for conventional braces. Invisalign® can provide dramatic results, it is comfortable and almost imperceptible. It is the world’s most advanced clear aligner system and can help provide your best smile. The benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend beyond a confident smile; according to the American Dental Association, straightening teeth also affects your overall dental health by reducing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.


Professional whitening is far more effective and safer than over-the-counter methods. Our office has developed a “whitening menu” so there are different options to fit different budgets. From bleaching of a single tooth to in-office deep bleaching, we have options available to improve color and brightness of nearly every smile.

Trial Smile

When deciding about cosmetic dentistry, the biggest question patients have is, “How will this look,and will I like it?”. Our technique of a “trial smile” allows our patients to see, feel and evaluate the final result prior to making any changes to their teeth. This is a great tool to “test run” our expected goal and customize it to satisfy our patient’s desires.

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