This has been an increasingly common question lately. Definitely not a new question, but one that has received more attention since a study tried to link dental films to meningiomas (a specific type of brain tumor). Although the study was incredibly flawed it would be foolish to totally disregard the concern. If for no other reason, this study will ensure that the safety of dental x-rays will continually be monitored.

At our Montrose dental office, we are committed to patient safety. First and foremost our driving force is the ALARA principle.  As Low As Reasonably Achievable. Not only do we follow this principle in regard to how many films patients are exposed to, but also the level of radiation. Since each patient has specific concerns and dental risk level we base the need for dental x-rays on that specific person and not a standardized protocol. Furthermore, when films are needed we do everything possible to decrease risk levels. This includes lead aprons, thyroid collars and the use of digital radiographs since 2003. The switch to digital x-rays alone lowered exposure by over 40%.  f you have any specific concerns, please feel free to contact our office

As an interesting fact, did you know that the amount of radiation in a dental x-ray is 1/20th of that in a chest x-ray and 1/800th of that in a mammogram?