A smile is an important part of who we are. We catch a glimpse of it when we are happy, when we laugh, and when we are excited. You should be able to feel those moments to their full extent, but for some people, that feeling is clouded by a lack of confidence due to missing teeth. While pulling a tooth (or teeth) is always a last resort, sometimes it is inevitable. Gaps and spaces can cause lack of confidence, gum and bone issues, bite issues, and even speech impairment. Thankfully, there is now another solution for missing teeth that does not involve a bridge or a partial: The Dental Implant.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are replacement roots for lost teeth. They can feature removable or permanent restorations and they provide a strong foundation for your new tooth or teeth. The implant(s) is gently placed in your jaw bone and the bone grows around the titanium post. Your new, custom crown, bridge or prosthetic are attached to the post(s) after healing.

They Look and Behave More Like Natural Teeth

In the past, bridges and partials were the standard for tooth replacement. However, they came with a long list of drawbacks, the number one drawback being that they do not always feel or look natural. Implants offer a strong and natural look, as well as natural function. Since they are properly anchored, they do not slip when eating or speaking. You avoid issues like improper fit, and you gain increased convenience because you won’t worry about needing adhesives to keep your new teeth in a natural position.

They Maintain Tooth and Bone Position

When lost teeth leave gaps, your remaining teeth may shift attempting to close the spaces. This shift can cause bite and cosmetic issues.  Additionally, when teeth are lost jaw bone resorbs.  Dental implants can be put directly into the space of a lost tooth, allowing your teeth to hold their original position without shifting to accommodate the missing tooth. Furthermore, since these replacements can work with a single tooth, you are less likely to require removal of healthy tooth structure for accommodation, which happens in the case of bridges and partials.

Conclusion: Dental implants are an effective choice for tooth replacement

Implants offer a comfort and convenience that just cannot be matched by a bridge or a partial. They look natural, feel natural, and hold the place of your missing tooth with minimal disruption of the surrounding teeth. If you have a missing tooth (or even several), contact us today for a consult to see if implants are the solution for you.